Compañia Minera Filipina

Compañia Minera Filipina is owner of the Filipina project a Cu-IOCG project located 38km NW from Vallenar. It was previously explored by Teck, Codelco, Cenizas and LAC. Mineria Activa has focused in the central area of the property named Caminada, inferring/indicating 9.3Mt @ 1.4% Cu Eq. Other 5 high potential targets identified inside property remain untested. Close to Antofagasta Minerals and Hot Chili’s medium size IOCG discoveries  “Astillas” and “Productora” (265Mt @ 0.5% Cu Eq.) respectively; and Iron Ore CMP’s “Los Colorados” mine (>[email protected] 45% Fe).

    • NI 43-101 estimation resulted in 9.3Mt @ 1.4 Cu Eq. (Cu/Fe/Au) contained in a bulk Iron Ore of 50Mt @ 35% Fe Eq.
    • US$23mm NPV10% for current resources.
    • Feasible short term production (2.5 years).
    • 9.500 hectares property with potential open for 60Mt.
    • NPV estimated to increase 3x if 10% of potential is confirmed.
    • No environmental/communities issues, option to acquire land rights, < 40km to major mining city, < 35km from port.
    • Other IOCG and Iron Ore targets inside the property suggest a 60Mt & over 100Mt potential resource respectively.

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Mineria Iman

Mineria Iman is the owner of a high tonnage Iron-Scandium resource south of the city of Vallenar, comprising over 11,200 hectares, and only 40 km from the coast. Exploration work to-date includes 13,600 meters of drilling commissioned by Mineria Iman and 5,700 meters completed by previous operators (Including CAP and Pucobre).

    • Magnetite iron ore resource NI 43-101 estimate of 735Mt @ 28.6% Fe (Inferred, 17% Fe cut-off) with significant upside.
    • In 2013 NCL Ingenieria y Construccion Ltd. completed a Preliminary Economic Assessment that demonstrated robust project economics for Underground and also Open Pit scenarios.
    • In 2017 Mineria Iman updated the Preliminary Economic Assessment to obtain Fines 62% Fe as product for the Underground scenario:
      • NPV8%: US$ 855mm
      • IRR: 20.2%
      • Initial Capex: US$ 717mm
      • LOM cash cost: US$ 30.9/ton
      • LOM average annual production: 6.4 Mtpy
    • Long 22 and 26 year mine life for both Underground and Open Pit Scenario.
    • Magnetite iron ore sellable at premium due to current environmental requirements in China
    • Extensive infrastructure with access to existing roads, rail, power and water.
    • Significant presence of Scandium represents future upside to underdeveloped market.

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BioLantanidos has consolidated Heavy Rare Earth resources in Penco and Rio Lia districts both of them in the Biobio Region. Penco is going to be the first project into production and is only 15 km from Concepción, 6 km from Lirquen port, and 500 km south of Santiago, Chile.

    • Rare Earths Elements are essential in several technological components which the world is increasingly demanding. Some REE are critical to manufacture permanent magnets used in electric vehicles, wind turbines, smartphones, among others.
    • BioLantanidos’ deposit has 374 drill holes with an Inferred Resource of 22 Mt @ 600 ppm REO, which is higher than the average Chinese Ion Clay deposits.
    • Neodymium, Dysprosium, Terbium, and Praseodymium constitute 80% of the contained value of BioLantanidos’ mixed REO composition.
    • BioLantanidos has developed a process to extract and produce mixed Rare Earth Oxides (“REO”). The process has already been tested in an industrial scale pilot plant built at BioLantanidos.
    • Currently ongoing more drilling, metallurgical testing and hydrogeological studies.

For additional information please visit BioLantanidos.

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Pampa Camarones

Pampa Camarones is the only copper operation in Arica, the northern Region in Chile. The company is 90% owned by private funds managed by Mineria Activa.

    • Ore Resources for +7 years at high grade copper oxides production and a SX-EW plant capacity for 8,400 tonnes per annum.
    • The operation is supplied with seawater for processing.
    • Currently updating environmental permitting to restart operation and shift from open pit to underground mining.

For more information please visit Pampa Camarones.

Eco Earth Elements

Eco Earth Elements is developing the Exploradora project in the Antofagasta Region in Chile. The project is located 130 km southeast to Taltal, at 3,200 masl. The company is 100% owned by private funds managed by Mineria Activa.

    • Epithermal polymetallic vein/breccia containing copper, zinc, lead, silver and gold in sulfide ore related to the Eocene Giant Porphyry Cu Belt.
    • Ancient miners partially exploited in oxide ore until early 1900’s.
    • The Exploradora vein extends for 1.4 km and continues over 6 km.
    • The company drilled 12 holes with positive results, that confirms high grade resources previously estimated with the existing 8 drill holes performed in the 1990s.
    • High grade zones includes 2.75 m @ 12% Cu Eq. within 21.7 m @ 2.4% Cu Eq.
    • Potential Resource estimate of 5-6 Mt in sulfide ore.
    • The company will continue with infill drilling program (about 19.000 mts), define Reserves within 2018 and start engineering studies by 2Q-2018.